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Bride & Grooms photo strip by their cake!

We are excited for the bride this weekend who is getting the WHOLE deal!! Photo booth, jump booth, 360° Virtual Tours, and photography!! You are going to LOVE the new products and the originals! We can’t wait to see your face when you view your tours and photography!! And we are so excited for you to let loose in the photo booth! And you are going to love laughing out loud at your jump booth photos! Guests can’t resist these things!!


FREE Jump Booth

We are now offering free jump booth with all photo booth rentals!! That is an $800 value – FREE! Not only are we the only company offering jump booth, we are the only company GIVING it away!!

Shop around if you feel the need, but we know our packages will beat ANY competitors pricing! We include everything, we don’t charge you for anything extra (including scrap books, props, and graphics) and are giving away FREE jump booth!!

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Who can jump higher?

We have recently added new products to our lineup! 360 degree virtual tours, and jump booth! We are very excited to introduce these to you because they are so exciting, and fun! Also, no other photo booth company offers what we do! Along with these items we also continue to offer photography.

The best part? We offer interactive jump booth FREE with every photo booth package!! Imagine that! A whole new level of fun, FREE!

When shopping around, remember, Picture This Moment’s packages are ALL inclusive, and ALL FUN! So really, when it comes to other companies, who can jump higher?

FREE Jump Booth

You read correctly!! We are giving away free interactive jump booth with EVERY photo booth rental!! So on top of all the other fabulous stuff our packages include, you now leave with even more hilarious pictures of your guests in the action! This is a huge give away as most companies normally rent out the jump booth as a package all on it’s own. Not us! No way! No need to do anything extra but simply book our photo booth for your big day, and leave the rest to us (and your guest’s funny jumping abilities).

Call today to book yours!

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Let’s Take em’ by Storm!!

Originally photographers, we turned to the photo booth to grow our business. Now, after successfully growing into a photo booth business, we are excited to be expanding into the jump booth and virtual tour sides of business as well!

We strive to be the best there is when it comes to choosing wedding vendors, that is why your feedback is most important!

Currently, we are the ONLY photo booth company that not only offers jump booth, but INCLUDES IT FREE with every photo booth rental!!

Also, adding on our 360 degree virtual tours is something no other photo booth company does, and we make it very affordable! Adding a tour onto any other service is only $200!

We have priced our products to match any budget, and have put many, many hours into making these new business additions the best!

Join the leading photo booth company in creating memories that will not only last a life time, but also that you can’t get from anyone else!

Of course other companies will catch on and try to do what we do, but by joining us, you are apart of something new, and wonderful! Something that is hitting the wedding and party industry by storm!

By booking us now, you can say that you were one of the first to have these products apart of your wedding!

Isn’t it exciting?

I know I get excited when I go shopping only to find out many of my items are on sale or better yet, FREE! But you don’t have to buy one to get one free here! All of our rentals come with all inclusive packaging, and FREE jump booth!!

Imagine your guests (especially those who have been at the open bar), jumping around and acting crazy! What amazing pictures you will leave with!

To get in on this offer of FREE FREE FREE jump booth, call or e-mail today to book your date! If your date is more then 30 days away all you have to do is put down a small deposit!

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Summer, Summer

We still have a few openings left for your summer wedding!! Contact us today to check your date!

Don’t forget, our packages are ALL inclusive, now including JUMP BOOTH!!

No other photo booth company around can beat our packages!

We look forward to hearing from you!

(727) 831-4521


We are very excited to announce the addition of some awesome new services to our line up!! Like many things, jump booth is popular in other states but is making it’s way across the U.S. Well now it’s available to you too!! We INCLUDED interactive jump booth with EVERY photo booth rental! That’s right, no extra cost is involved in adding this hilarious addition to your package! However, we do offer other jump booth packages which we will go over below!

I’ll explain what interactive jump booth is: Any guest that uses the photo booth can use the jump booth immediately following their photo booth session. They simply exit the photo booth and head to wherever we have set up the area for jumping (usually next to or near the photo booth). They can use their props or not, but they jump, and our super fast photographer captures the most hilarious pictures you may ever see! These images are given to the bride and groom (or event host) on a CD, and are also posted online for guests. This is INCLUDED in every package.

For simultaneous jump booth: ANY guest can use it, they do not have to use the photo booth first, but the process is similar. The only difference is that prints are made of these jumps and the guests get a 4×6 copy of the jump! The bride and groom (or event host) get the pictures on a CD as well. This jump booth runs simultaneous to the photo booth and is $1500 for both simultaneous jump booth and photo booth for 4 hours.

For just jump booth – it is $800 for 4 hours, and the package is for simultaneous jump booth.

At the bridal show last weekend we introduced this product to guests and let them try it out! We had very limited space, but for what we had to work with, we got some pretty funny pictures!

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